Alpa was founded by Mr.Ferri Rocco in 1956, that he was a pioneer of the production and marketing of the sofas.

His way to do it was hand down at the new generation that is pursuing the culture of unique thinking.

Each product is made by hand, subjected to rigorous quality controls that it grants them a unique and exclusive value, with features Made in Italy.

Important tradition, use of high-grade leathers and fabrics along with the evolving research are the values that have always distinguished the creations of ALPA SALOTTI.

ALPA SALOTTI is not only a company, but it is a partner with which you can grow day by day, share projects, ideas, know-how, experiences and everything related to the world of upholstered furniture. ALPA is the real Made in Italy, a certificate of assurance and quality.

ALPA SALOTTI can boast a brand of great international appeal, a symbol of high quality and tailoring, with hand-made stitching, exclusive and luxurious fabrics, made entirely in Italy. The brand is ANTONIO FERRI, which is aiming at customers who like to own a unique and distinctive product.

Function in ALPA furniture is some of the most attractive features you can fall in love. You will experience incredible flexibility disguised by excellent design: comfortable super-deep sear depths, recliner arms and backrests, and comfortable, relaxing positions fully in line with your wishes.

You can see and feel the quality of ALPA sofas, discovering the quality of the materials, the foam and the elegant stitching, designed to last for years.

All models are designed and manufactured in Italy, in ALPA plants, handcrafted by skilled artisans, with full control of materials and quality for each stage of processing.