Features Warm and Cool water for water-waving massage system, Water Flow and Vibration for Dual Circulation System.


  • Water bag design is created from breathable hypo allergenic silicone.
  • Using water as medium to transfer the temperatures and vibrations
  • Lithium-powered device and comes with lightweight pouch.
  • Portable, soothing, and extremely convenient to use.

Warm Water waving-massage

  • Relieve the eye fatigue, sore eyes and headache.
  • Helps the discomfort from dry eye symptoms.
  • Relax the muscle tension and improve sleeping quality.

Cool Water waving-massage

    • Helps the itchy eyes or red eye.
    • Reduce the dark circles under eyes.
    • Alleviate the eye inflammation.
    • Reduce the puffy eye.
    • Refreshment for your eyes.

Included Chargeable Adapter, and Controller.

Weight: 1.15 lbs 

Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)

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iF Design Award 2016
Good Design Award 2015



SYNCA Water Eye Mask features Water Flow with epoch-making eye massage, water circulation, and vibration. Dual circulation system to ensure the temperature performance; applying eco-material, silicone, to ensure comfort and consider sustainability of the environment.

Provides both Cool & Warm Water waving massage. The unique innovation allows user to enjoy either cool or warm temperature in a short time. Using water as the medium, to maximize the advantages of heat transfer and demonstrate the unique water-waving massage system.


Aside from relieving soreness and redness from outdoor activities, SYNCA Water Eye Mask, which ranges from 108°F (42°C), can alleviate eye strain and dry eyes discomforts. Its cool compress, ranging from 64°F(18°C), can help with eye irritations (itchy eyes, red eyes), eye pain and stress relief while reducing swelling, dark circles and puffy eyes.

With breathable silicon material for eye mask, SYNCA Water Eye Mask has soft touching and fits different face shapes. Lithium-powered device and comes with lightweight pouch enable the mask to travel with you. You can care your eyes weherever you want such as office, outdoor, plane or train.